The First Four Months


Four months! In some ways it seems like four years and in others it seems like four minutes! It’s been fun, frightening, and frenzied! Sounds like life doesn’t it!?

We are so thankful for all the love and support we have received from previous customers of the former business, Sage Gourmet and the previous owners Laurie Bakke and Chrissy Filka, as well as all of our new customers.  We are grateful to our friends who have made their way to downtown Hendersonville to support us. Seeing you walk in the door of Wine Sage and Gourmet makes my day every. single. time! Big thanks and love goes to our family members for supporting and tolerating us, well me actually Рespecially my girls and Bill. The last and loudest shout out is to my friend Cameron Kempson Рmy biggest encourager and supporter and the genius behind the website!

To celebrate our first four months we will be hosting an Open House this Friday evening at the shop in the Wine Cellar. We hope you will stop by and say hello and have a glass of bubbles with us! We will have a lots of laughs and look forward to sharing our excitement with you! Stop by from 5pm to 8 pm and join us! We truly would love to see you!

Stay tuned for more posts and the unfolding of the story of how and who we are and what our hopes are for our little shop!